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CROSS program funds six new projects for 2020

The Collaborative Research on Science and Society (CROSS) program in EPFL’s College of Humanities (CDH) has announced that six projects from EPFL and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) have been funded for the year 2020, all on the theme of “mobility”.

Through its annual call, the CROSS program provides competitive seed-funding grants of up to CHF 60,000 per project. Projects must be proposed by an interdisciplinary group composed of at least one researcher from EPFL and UNIL; one a specialist in the human and social sciences, and the other a specialist in the life, natural or engineering sciences.

EPFL and UNIL have also renewed their agreement to continue the unique program through the year 2025. In late April, the program will open its 2021 funding call.

CROSS 2020: Selected projects

  1. Swiss architects in Saint Petersburg: technology transfer and culture shift. Led by Nicola Braghieri and Filippo Cattapan (IA LAPIS ENAC (EPFL)) and Elena Simonato and Natalia Bichurina (SLAS FL (UNIL)).
  2. Swiss in motion: analyzing and visualizing daily rhythms. Led by Frédéric Kaplan and Nils Hamel (DHLAB DHI CDH (EPFL)) and Patrick Rerat and Emmanuel Ravelet (IGD FGSE (UNIL))
  3. Digital trail blazing: understanding and remaking intellectual mobility on online research platforms. Led by Jérôme Baudry and Simon Dumas Primbault (LHST DHI CDH (EPFL)) and Jean-François Bert, (IHAR FTSR (UNIL)).
  4. From “route cantonale” to “passage paysage”: threading zero impact mobilities in Swiss metropolitan areas through landscape infrastructure. Led by Dieter Dietz and Lucía Garcia de Jalon (ALICE IA ENAC (EPFL)) and Patrick Rerat (IGD FGSE (UNIL))
  5. Framing analysis of online discourse of returning foreign fighters and their families. Led by Karl Aberer and Tugrulcan Elmas (LSIR IC (EPFL)), Daniela Anke Tresch (GREC ISS (UNIL)) and Maud Reveilhac (LINES ISS (UNIL))
  6. Models of musician mobility and migrating musical patterns. Led by Markus Neuwirth and Johannes Hentschel (DCML DHI CDH (EPFL)) and Michael Piotrowski and Davide Picca (SLI FL (UNIL))

View the full announcement on the EPFL College of Humanities website.