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DH and SHS courses and programs at UNIL

This pages lists University of Lausanne (UNIL) course offerings in the fields of digital humanities (DH) and social and human sciences (SHS).

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive. If you would like to submit a course to be displayed on this page, please let us know at

Study plans – 2020/2021

MA in Digital Humanities, common program ‘Digital Culture, Societies and Humanities’ (fall)

MA in Digital Humanities, common program ‘Digital Culture, Societies and Humanities’ (spring)

Courses – 2020/2021

Discourses of Digital Communication: public, political and media issues (Marcel Burger)

After photography? Photographic practices in the digital era (Nathalie Dietschy)

Contemporary art and digital cultures (Nathalie Dietschy)

Creative research & History of the Performing Arts (Estelle Doudet)

Databases (Davide Picca)

2D game development (Isaac Pante)

Internet: social and political issues (Boris Beaude)

Digital Humanities and Enlightenment : Encyclopédie – research and edition (Alain Cernuschi)

Document engineering (Michael Piotrowski)

Introduction to data analysis in the Humanities (François Bavaud / Aris Xanthos)

Introduction to the epistemology of the digital (Nicolas Baya Laffite / Borus Beaude)

Introduction to digital studies (Claus Gunti)

Introduction to computational thinking (Michael Piotrowski)

Introduction to programming (in Python) (Alexandre Métrailler)

Digital humanities – origins, definitions, developments (Michael Piotrowski)

Greek Literature and Digital Humanities. Greek Tragedy at the digital turn. The example of Sophocles’ Aias (David Bouvier / Matteo Romanello)

Media and collective dynamics (Sélim Ben Amor/ Laurence Kaufmann/ Joan Stavo-Debauge)

Quantitative methods I (François Bavaud, Raphaël Ceré, Guillaume Guex)

Quantitative methods II (François Bavaud / Raphaël Ceré / Guillaume Guex)

Internet programming I – Javascript (Loïc Cattani)

Internet programming II – Meteor.js (Isaac Pante)

Theories of culture and medias (Emilie Martini /Joan Stavo-Debauge /Olivier Voirol)

Zola re-writer ? Genetic and e-publishing of “Les Mystères de Marseille” (Rudolf Mahrer /Joël Zufferey)