Stylo, created by the Canada Research Chair in Digital Textualities, is now available from the social sciences and humanities research infrastructure, Huma-Num: (note that you must create a username and password to access the tool).

According to Huma-Num’s blog (in French), Stylo “is an online text editor designed to write and edit all types of scientific texts: articles, monographs, theses, dissertations. More broadly, Stylo facilitates the editing of any content requiring a bibliography. Stylo can be seen both as a working and text- writing tool for researchers and students, and as a scientific paper editing tool for journal editors.”


Vitali-Rosati, M., Sauret, N., Fauchié, A., & Mellet, M. (2020). Écrire les SHS en environnement numérique : L’éditeur de texte Stylo. Intelligibilité du numérique, 1.