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Digital Culture 

In the cultural field, the ongoing digital transformation creates a wide range of opportunities and raises a series of issues, which are the subject of several projects across UNIL and EPFL campuses in three main areas.

  1. Cultural innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the well-established relationship between cultural institutions and their public, and has raised in a very short period of time new and urgent challenges to be addressed collectively. The digital realm is being mobilized as a reservoir of effective and adaptable solutions in the face of closures, cancellations, and restrictions that affect exhibition spaces, concert venues, and theaters. The uncertainties have translated into an impetus to develop new innovations, to renew critical thinking in the face of the digital transition, and to imagine scenarios for a sustainable future for culture. 

  1. Cultural heritage

The digitalization of cultural heritage represents a major issue for our societies. Challenges and stakes range from the long-term preservation of collections to their accessibility, to critical approaches to the digitization process itself, and to the increasing demand for data reuse and interoperability.

  1. Digital tools and computational methodologies in research in the cultural field

From the method of distant reading in literary studies to the search for patterns in the field of musicology, through character network analysis and visualization applied to cinema, digital tools and computational methodologies are changing the way humanities and social science researchers study cultural objects.

If you wish to know more about or contribute to this initiative, please contact us. 

Contact person: Alexandre Camus, email: alexandre [dot] camus [at] unil [dot] ch

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