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UrbanBytes Workshop: How Digitization Will Change the Urban

The EPFL Habitat Research Center, in collaboration with the dhCenter UNIL-EPFL, organizes UrbanBytes, a workshop on the impact of digitization on the urban environment. The workshop has two objectives. First, it defines which methods are best suited to measure how digital transition should affect low-intensity urban regions such as residential suburbs, production sites and small towns. Second, the workshop investigates the numeric and planning governance principles, which are required to avoid a development of urban area like the one that followed the democratization of cars.

Urban Bytes gathers urban planners, city scientists, social scientists, computational social scientists, engineers and others in a inter- and transdisciplinary setting.

For this second edition, UrbanBytes happily welcomes TU Delft Professor Arjan van Tiemmeren, Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Advance Metropolitan Solutions (AMS).

For more information about UrbanBytes, please see the full description of the workshop, or contact Dr. Qinyi Zhang (EPFL ENAC LAB-U):

UrbanBytes is supported by the dhCentre UNIL-EPFL Funding for Workshops

From: 19 Feb, 2020
To: 19 Feb, 2020