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Open Access Publishing

Workshop on Open Access, from 9h to 12h at UNIL (in English) by Micaela Crespo, February, 12th

Dr Micaela Crespo is the Open Access Coordinator for UNIL. She has ten years of research experience at Swiss and international institutions as well as a Project Management certification, and a passion for research dissemination.

The SNSF, the EC and the Swiss National Strategy for Open Access now mandate that all publicly funded research results must be published in Open Access mode. To be ready for the challenge, this workshop will teach to researchers in all career stages:

  • What Open Access is and what it is not.
  • The different Open Access mandates of relevant funding agencies.
  • What the different ways to publish in Open Access are.
  • Rights and obligations towards Open Access as a UNIL researcher.
  • Examples of Open Access publishing in several disciplines.
  • What is Serval (UNIL’s institutional repository) and how to use it.
  • Why you need an ORCID ID, how to get one and link it to UNIL.
  • Resources available to help you publish in Open Access.


Registration on MyGraduateCampus

Another workshop on March 17h will talk about the open access in practical with SERVAL. Information here


From: 12 Feb, 2020
To: 12 Feb, 2020