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EPFL Digital Humanities Institute DH Research Seminar: From Digital Humanities to Game Studies

This Digital Humanities Institute DH Research Seminar, to be held online, will be given by dhCenter member and video game expert Yannick Rochat.

The DH Research Seminar is a series of talks organized by the Digital Humanities Institute in EPFL’s College of Humanities. The seminars are given by researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, and present the vast array of subjects covered by the field of digital humanities.

In this online talk, dhCenter member Yannick Rochat of the EPFL College of Humanities and UNIL Gamelab will highlight the proximity between game studies and digital humanities by showcasing some research projects he is currently working on, including:

  • The history of Swiss video games / history of video games in Switzerland
  • The archiving of video games (with Memoriav and Musée Bolo)
  • A middle reading analysis of video games press (with Selim Krichane and LUDOV, University of Montreal)
  • How to study video games source code (with Stéphanie Mader, CNAM)
  • A platform studies approach to the Smaky

Participants are invited to listen to the seminar, and to join in the Q&A session at the end of the presentation, via the following link:

About the speaker

Yannick Rochat is a scientist and a lecturer at the College of Humanities of EPFL. He holds a MSc in Mathematics from EPFL and a PhD in Applied Mathematics for Humanities and Social Sciences from University of Lausanne for a thesis dedicated to the study of character networks. After several years at EPFL’s DHLAB, he co-founded in 2016 the UNIL Gamelab, a video game study group. His main research topics are: video game history, platform studies, games for education, and the application of digital humanities methods to the study of video games.

From: 4 Nov, 2020
To: 4 Nov, 2020
Organizer: EPFL Digital Humanities Institute
Speaker: Yannick Rochat
Languages: English