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Engines of Order: A Mechanology of Algorithmic Techniques

The Centre Internet et Société (CIS) of the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) is organizing an online seminar, the second in its “Hypertexts” series, in which Bernhard Rieder of the University of Amsterdam will discuss his book: Engines of Order: A Mechanology of Algorithmic Techniques.

Bernhard Rieder is an Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam and a collaborator with the Digital Methods Initiative.

In his book, Rieder examines the constructive and cumulative character of software, and retraces the historical trajectories of a series of algorithmic techniques that have become the building blocks for contemporary practices of ordering. Developed in opposition to centuries of library tradition, these techniques instantiate dynamic, perspectivist, and interested forms of knowing. Embedded in technical infrastructures and economic logics, they have become engines of order that transform how we arrange information, ideas, and people.

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The Hypertexts series, organized by the CIS, takes place on the third Thursday of each month and hosts the author of a recent book in the fields of new technologies, the Internet, and the digital.

From: 17 Dec, 2020
To: 17 Dec, 2020
Organizer: Centre Internet et Société