Marc Audétat, political scientist by training, is sociologist of science and technology. He completed a MA of Arts in Society, Science and Technology (University of Maastricht) in 1996, and his doctoral thesis at EPFL in 2004 about theory of risk, public controversies, and socio-technical change.

Marc Audétat is senior researcher at Le Collaboratoire, University of Lausanne, a unit created in 2019 in charge of developing participative research ; member of the Laboratoire d’étude des sciences et des techniques (STS-Lab), and associate member of Laboratoire des cultures et humanité digitales (Ladhul), Faculty of social and political sciences.

M. Audétat is experienced with Technology Assesment, and ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging science and technology (nanotechnology, genomics, AI). He directed the publication of a book on scientific promises, future visions, and socio-technical imaginaries, Sciences et technologies émergentes : Pourquoi tant de promesses ? Paris, Hermann, 2015.

M. Audétat is part of NRP 77 « Digital transformation » in the project directed by Farinaz Fassa-Recrosio « Relocating Machine Intelligence : Trusting, Teaching, and Tinkering with Robots at School ». He is interested in setting up collaborative research projects bringing societal actors and academia together in shaping digital culture and democracy.