Elena Spadini currently works at the University of Lausanne, as chercheuse FNS senior (PostDoc) for the digital edition of “Gustave Roud, Œuvres complètes”. For this project, she is interested in digital technologies applicable to Textual and Literary Criticism, from data analysis through modelling to publishing. Together with Francesca Tomasi she organized an international workshop on the use of graph data-models and LOD in digital editions (Lausanne, June 2019).
She has taught in specialized courses on Digital Philology and introductions to DH in Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece. As active member of the DH community, she is part of the Executive Committee of EADH (European Association for Digital Humanities).
From 2014 to 2017 she has been part of the Marie Curie ITN DiXiT (Digital Scholarly Editions), based at the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (Huygens ING). Her education is in Romance Philology (bachelor, master, PhD) and Digital Humanities (master) and she studied at Sapienza Università di Roma, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, École nationale des chartes.

She is currently working on “Gustave Roud, Œuvres complètes » project