Daniel Gatica-Perez is a professor at the college of humanities at EPFL. He directs the Social Computing Group at Idiap. He is also a faculty member of the School of Engineering (STI) and the College of Humanities (CDH), where he is member of the Digital Humanities Institute (DHI). His research integrates theories and methods from ubiquitous computing, social media, machine learning, and social sciences to understand human behavior in daily life and to create applications for social good. His interests include: * Mobile crowdsourcing and social media analytics for social good. * Crowdsourcing for cities. * Social video analytics, with focus on conversational behavior. * Ubiquitous computing in face-to-face interaction. * Analysis of ancient Maya hieroglyphic collections. His recent research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, the European Commission, and industry partners including Nokia, NTT, and Swiss startups.