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Jean Starobinski Digital Exhibition

The digital exhibition Jean Starobinski. Critical Relationships, which celebrates the Centenary of Swiss literary critic Jean Starobinski, is now online and accessible to the general public following its opening on November 26th, 2020.

This exhibition brings together literary expertise, museum research, design, engineering and psychology, under the leadership of the Swiss National Library and the EPFL+ECAL Lab. Its objective is to highlight major writers and their contributions to thought, from the collections deposited with the Swiss Literary Archives.

The digital exhibition Jean Starobinski. Critical Relationships demonstrates the current relevance of the contributions by the world‑renowned Geneva writer and critic (1920-2019), whose centenary is celebrated in 2020. The first version of this digital exhibition experiments with several key concepts to be discovered online. For example, one of them consists in offering the public a main route, made up of thematic islands representative of the author. Visitors can decide to look at an object from a new perspective: the theme disappears and the object is placed in a historical or typological context – as if the rooms in a museum could be reconfigured and the contents rearrange themselves accordingly.

Visitors can thus trace their path according to their expectations and discoveries, changing perspectives and contexts. They may either follow a main narrative or delve into in-depth readings.

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