Vaud transportation survey reveals ‘multimodal’ mobility habits

dhCenter member Vincent Kaufmann, head of EPFL’s Urban Sociology Laboratory (LASUR), has led a detailed survey throughout the canton of Vaud that gives a detailed picture of residents’ views on transportation, and of how commuting habits vary based on place of residence, age, and level of education.

The study shows that the quality of time spent commuting has become a factor in selecting a means of transportation, leading the researchers to recommend, for example, improvements like increased comfort and connection frequency for public transport.

While cars are still a highly favored option, public transport and walking are taking on a growing share of Vaudois mobility outside of suburban areas. Bicycles and e-bikes continue to be favored, and residents could benefit from amenities like more continuous cycle paths and pedestrian routes linked to public transport, according to the researchers.

The authors conclude that Vaud has become “multimodal” when it comes to mobility, with 40% of residents regularly using several means of transport, and a third doing so occasionally. Originally conducted in 2018–2019, the survey was updated in 2020 to include a pandemic-related supplement.

Source: 17.11.20. Anne-Muriel Brouet, EPFL Mediacom. Vaud residents embrace clean commuting and public transport.

The study has also been covered by Swiss newspapers 24 Heures and 20 Minutes.





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