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Postdoc opening in digital musicology – IReMus

The IReMus institute for research in musicology at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher in digital musicology for a 12-month contract to begin in January, 2021.

The full-time position, based in Paris, is within the framework of the project Polifonia: a digital harmoniser for musical heritage knowledge (Horizon 2020 – DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020). This project focuses on the development, application and release of digital tools for:

1. Encoding music from oral traditions
2. Studying large collections of notated music
3. Producing and sharing knowledge about musical objects and their links with their socio-cultural environment.

IReMus’s research focuses on the project’s Tonalities case study, which deals with the identification, analysis, and modal-tonal classification of monodic and polyphonic music from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century. The institute is in charge of Work Package 1: a project management program that facilitates development and registers resources and materials recovered, used, and produced within the project, in the form of a web portal.

The successful candidate will be responsible for identifying the needs of internal and external users; identifying the objectives and challenges of the case studies planned in Polifonia and translating them into technical/scientific specifications; and analyzing different collections related to the Tonalities case study led by IReMus.

Profile and application

Candidates should have a PhD, knowledge of the field of digital humanities and music analysis, and mastery of English and French.

Those interested should submit their applications via the CNRS jobs portal by November 27th, 2020.