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Revue d’Historiographie du Théâtre N°5

The Revue d’Historiographie du Théâtre has recently published its fifth edition, “Écrire l’histoire des spectacles avec des bases de données” (“Writing performance history with databases”).

In this edition, based on a common questionnaire, the managers of six databases share their thoughts and concrete experiences using digital humanities to study the history of performances.

Addressing the digitization of data, unsuitable funding models, the difficulties of digital publication, and new corpuses and tools offered to the community, the contributions recall the benefits and challenges of digital technology for the field, and for historical and literary studies in general. They confirm that the role of IT is above all that of an interface between researchers and their objects, transforming the corpora explored and the research methods used.

The full edition is available to subscribers or for purchase on the journal website,  with some article available for free (in French) including: