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Des avant-dernières machines. Cinéma, techniques, histoire

dhCenter member Selim Krichane, of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) center for cinematographic studies and the EPFL College of Humanities, has published the new work “Des avant-dernières machines. Cinéma, techniques, histoire” (“The penultimate machines. Cinema, techniques, history”) with Benoît Turquety of UNIL’s section of history and cinema aesthetics.

According to UNIL’S Labellettres publications platform, the authors demonstrate why it is necessary to study not just the most current, but also the “penultimate” machines, to understand the contemporary technico-media system.

Through analyses of concrete historical cases, collected by Krichane and Turquety, this collective work explores the relationship between media, cinema, technology, and the writing of history.

View the volume on the website of publishing house L’Age d’Homme.