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Turing Institute white paper makes recommendations for the humanities and data science

On August 4th, the Alan Turing Institute announced that it had published a new white paper, which makes recommendations for research at the intersection of data science and the humanities

Entitled, “Challenges and prospects of the intersection of humanities and data science: A white paper from The Alan Turing Institute”, the document was developed by the Alan Turing Institute’s Humanities and Data Science special interest group, led by Barbara McGillivray, Beatrice Alex and David Beavan.

Notably, the paper argues that data science and humanities should be engaging in a two-way exchange of approaches and knowledge, with recommendations for how this may be achieved. Recommendations primarily address research processes, including best practices and open research, as well as funding policies, technical infrastructures, and educational and career practices.

The white paper is currently available as a PDF on the institute’s website.

Source: Dungate, Joanna. What can the humanities do for data science? 04.08.2020 The Alan Turing Institute.