Interactive map pinpoints digital museum initiatives

On August 4th, Chiara Zuanni, an assistant professor in digital humanities at the Centre for Information Modelling at the University of Graz, presented a map for collecting and visualizing digital initiatives promoted by museums during the coronavirus pandemic on the Europeana Pro website.

Zuanni writes that despite the pandemic and its restrictions on public life, museums and heritage institutions across Europe are still finding ways to stay active and connect with people digitally. In addition to virtual tours, streaming content, and online exhibitions, many institutions are also making use of social media with hashtags like “#ClosedButActive”.

The map represents an effort to track and visualize such initiatives. Zuanni also notes that data for the map are being compiled in part through crowdsourcing. Those interested in proposing an institution or project to be included in the map are invited to fill out a short form.

Source: Zuanni, Chiara. 4 August, 2020. Europeana Pro.