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Call for thesis proposals on digital heritage

The University of Technology of Troyes is seeking applications for doctoral thesis on a subject combining computer science and heritage.

The thesis would be supported from January 2021 to December 2023. It would be within the framework of the university’s Tech-CICO team, which brings together researchers in computer science, psychology, linguistics, sociology and management.

The topic, “Quand la visite ludique d’un espace physique permet l’apprentissage de savoirs en construction : Application au Patrimoine” (“When the playful visit of a physical space allows the learning of knowledge in construction: Application to Heritage”), is suited to researchers with profiles in computer science with an interest in heritage or disciplines related to learning (cognitive psychology, education science, etc.).

Those interested should send their letters of motivation and CVs to: before August 31, 2020. Please click here for further details.