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Call For Participation – CLEF 2020 Shared Task on Named Entity Processing in Multilingual Historical Newspapers

HIPE (Identifying Historical People, Places and other Entities) is a named entity processing evaluation campaign on historical newspapers in French, German and English, organized in the context of the impresso project and run as a CLEF 2020 Evaluation Lab.

Participations in the HIPE shared task on named entity processing as part of CLEF 2020 Evaluation Labs are invited. In the context of massive digitization of historical documents, the objective of this shared task is to assess and advance the development of robust named entity processing systems able to deal with challenging, multilingual, diachronic historical material, thereby supporting information extraction and text understanding of cultural heritage data.


  1. Named Entity Recognition and Classification (high-level and fine-grained)
  2. Entity Linking

Historical newspaper articles in French, German and American English originating from Swiss, Luxembourgish and American digitized newspaper archives and selected on a diachronic basis. The time span of the whole corpus goes from 1798 until 2018. We will provide sample, training and development data.

For further information please visit the HIPE website and check the participation guidelines.



Via the CLEF 2020 portal: until 26 April 2020.